Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring.


Happy Spring.

Spring dawned grey and foggy today. But like a slow soft kiss, the sun warmed up the sky  and broke through the clouds!!
I thrive on sunshine .
A sweet, sunny (partly cloudy) warm Spring day !!
As my nod to Springtime and pastels....
Today this piece went on display for the next 3 months.

Springtime Bloom

Heavy layers of plaster and acrylic on a reclaimed canvas.
Then framed in a reclaimed wooden frame.
Canvas is 24 x 36 plus frame which is about 5 inches thick.
Better picture of the texture .
I luv working with plaster... layering it under , between the paint.

Happy today!
Hoping that if you are not enjoying Spring type weather where you are, you soon will be.

Hugs, Gee

Friday, March 13, 2015

My luv affair.... Shhhh !!

 My luv affair.
Shhhh.... !!!!

cross stich my mother made for me years ago.

It all started like everything else... soft and slow.
Then before you know it, I was HOOKED!
In luv.
I have tried ...
Walked away.
Hid it....
But I can't .
It always come back ....
Front and foremost!!
My luv affair with red.

Red lantern and red flowers in the throw on my favourite chair in my sitting room.

reflection of my favourite corner in my sitting room.

tarnished silver and red lantern. LUV!!!

I remember as a small child of maybe 7 or 8 having this beautiful red dress.
My mother always dressed me in pastels (not a big fan). Pale yellows... pinks... girly stuff. Lace and flounces.


My spot!!!!

red roses I painted a serving tray next to my chair.
Chalkboard coaster made by my GrandBella.

Then my Great Aunt, a professional seamstress made me this amazing dress.
Red lace over red satin. Red on red. With unlined sleeves.
My golden skin peeked through.
I was smitten...
I fell fast!
I mean... it was amazing. Just a plain straight 'shift' with a scooped neck, with the scalloped lace edging, and long sleeves

two of my favourite pillows on the couch in the sitting room.

aaahhhh... red toile!!!

From then on, I wanted red!!!
There was nothing else that made my heart flutter like it.
But over the years, I have tried.
I have walked away from it.
Packed my feelings away..
smothered my luv....
Hidden my want and need of it.
But some days, I just weaken and let it show.

red toile in the nook window.

more red sprinkled about , in the dining room.

just a simple red star.

Smother myself in my luv .
Sneak it in....
Let it show...
and I smile.
I feel happy.

Just unable to hide it anymore......

Happy weekend.
Fall in luv!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keeping busy

 Keeping busy...
Very busy!!
The last month has been busy. Very busy!! After the madness of getting things done and delivered in December, I took a few weeks off in January. A few weeks off from painting that is...
I was otherwise busy watching the newest man in my life.
Baby Winston Thomas.
He's such a little cutie and at 5 months a squirming bundle of energy!

Eating my lunch of puréed peas .
Reaching for the phone...

He and his big sister Bella, are the highlight of my days.
 My sweet Bella .

I have however been back  working... mainly while Baby Win naps and on the weekends.
Over the last few weeks I have finished , and delivered some of the following.

Winter Rose Graphite and charcoal on textured paper.

Bree. Arabian. Graphite and charcoal on textured paper.

Bree. Arabian.. Graphite and charcoal on textured paper.

Winter Rose ( coloured) Commissioned piece... being delivered on the 7th of January.
Mixed medium... graphite, water coloured pencils and chalk pastels on textured paper.
Tinny Blue ( Night)  SOLD in January.

 I am currently working on 2 acrylics on heavily plastered canvas and a couple more charcoal and graphite pieces. All commissioned pieces and in various stages of completion.
Some to be delivered as soon as this weekend.

 I have removed the winter décor of pinecones and dried Magnolia leaves, but have left up the red berries.
When  I decide what to replace it all with  I'll share some pictures.
I do not decorate for Valentine's Day, so Spring it might be.

Until then,
Big hugs!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Taking this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from our home to yours.



Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas around the home...

 Christmas around the home.

A post in photos.
I had professional shots taken, but he's been so bogged down, I have not gotten them as yet.
So me and my phone did a walk through :)
It's a grey and rainy day here in Ocala, so please excuse the lack of light and outdoor shots.


Living room

Sun room

Dining room

Sitting room



So ...
From my home to yours...
Merry  Christmas !!

Holiday hugs,


Friday, November 7, 2014

Rekindling an old luv

Rekindling an old luv.
Cuddles. I created him to appease myself and well, he's a hit and I might have to do more. He's a little bunny we had scampering about in the back harden a few weeks ago.

November snuck in and made a mark.
I kissed October good bye from the  back roads of  the mid west.
An adventure for girls... me , my sister and my niece. The open road... sunrises, and sunset.
Hotels and girl breakfasts...
Makeup and shampoo...
Shopping for clothes.
Starbucks coffee stops.
Flocks of birds flying South.

It came in all mild and sweet and then first weekend we had a freeze warning.
I was already seeing it in Arkansas, Mississippi....

Sunset in Arkansas... excuse the wind shield :)

Bridge  in Mississippi

I luv it!!
Fall, cooler weather and I are the best of friends.
I LUV the temperatures below 75 degrees.
The Lion and The Lamb

When the weather is so sweet I am usually at work.
For years and years I have worked at The Salvation Army , in the Fall as a part time Social Worker for the Holidays.
This year, I took time for me and my family. The family has grown and I am so happy to be available to help out and get some Littles luv .

Thursdays and Fridays I am not needed , so I get busy and do things to amuse myself.

Like finding my old luv.
Blackened fingers, smudged face and loads of joy.
Sketch of my Mr.'s hands. This is a part of a story board for a job at a Church. It will hold a silhouette of a child .

This is one of the first Fall's I have had so much time to actually flex my artistic muscle in a long time and I am eating it up.
Draw back, when I am working, I tend to forget to pause to do mundane things like eat, fix meals :)
Constantine. He's a  white Siberian tiger. The look in his eyes make me nervous. 

So while I sit and sip coffee every morning , to start my day off nice and slow like I like it...
I take in the beauty that surrounds me.
The beautiful blue sky that is the calling card of Fall.
The crisper mornings and evenings.
The bright sunshine that is so very Florida...
The beauty of the birds that sing to me daily and visit the bird feeder and bath.
The garden that fades almost everywhere else but here.
Here, in the garden, the roses come back to brilliant life as the temperatures drop, and bloom with all they have.
The different angle of the sun... the change in light...
The kiss of Fall on the sprays of roses as they just show off.
Then I  draw....
Sketch and shade.
High lights and low lights....
Charcoal and graphite on textured paper.
Black fingers and  blending stumps.
Scribbling and smudging....

Another Lion and Lamb.  My name , Singh is Sikh. In Punjabi Singh means Lion. So I am quite partial to this piece.

bringing to life something beautiful on paper.
My old luv...
How I started it all.

Thanks for coming by to see my sketches... my black stained finger tips and smudged palms.
But I am having such fun!!!
Who knows what else will come to life and leap off my paper.

Happy weekend!!