Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looks like Spring time.

Today I awoke at 6ish to the staccato sound of rain on the sun room windows.
I drug myself out of bed to close the door and thus muffle the sound... in the hopes of a few more minutes of sleep.
No... was not to be. I was up.

Sun room table ready for Springtime with black and cream transferware and linen napkins.

Day number 3 of the grey and soggy days here in my neck of the woods.
Sunday was grey, with the threat of impending rain. We got a few sprinkles, but nothing much.
Monday, I did get my   morning walk in at 7:30 before it got nasty and we were under a Tornado threat until 8pm.

But in all that, there is the promise of Spring.
Every morning as I walk, I see more fresh Spring green on the trees.

The Dogwoods have been blooming for a couple of weeks now. The Redbud and Azaleas as well.
Now the Native Styrex are all covered with a combination of teeeny, tiny leaves and little white flowers and a fragrant perfume wafts from them every time the wind blows.
Black iron chicken tea light and black iron leave candle holder.

I am ready for it.. Spring time that is. The rebirth.. the new.
These days of rain are washing the Earth and making it ready for the fresh start.
When the flowers burst forth in vibrant song.

We must remember, without the Winter  and it's wavering temperatures, there would be no joy of Spring.
No expectancy.

This set was given to me by my MIL some years ago as a Birthday present. I think she got it at Ross or TJMaxx.

As I sit in the nook and watch the little Carolina Chickadees splash about in the wet grass....
The Cardinals huddle together on the rose arbour....
The Mocking Birds stare sternly at the other birds...
The Blue Jays dart about trying to find a spot to land....
I know.

I hope....
 For Spring is just around the corner, and I am ready!

Crocheted table runner from a local shop.... 'Country Memories' about 2 blocks  from my home.

{I know I have not posted in 2 weeks. But we have been doing Battle... waging War.
We have been fighting the 'Flu as it waged war on us all.... one at a time. 
First our youngest started..... a few days later, I was sniffling. It was a terrible five days of sneezing, sniffling, fever, headaches, and then the cough. Just as we were wrapping it all up, and happy it had NOT spread, our eldest came home grumpy and sneezing. Oh no!!! Not the Bear......
Three days later, yesterday morning, the Mr. on his first day of vacation started to sniffle and sneeze.
We got the shot. Being told that even though we got the shot... we got a mild case.
 Let me say, if that was mild, I am GLAD of it. Mild case or not.... it was nasty. Miserable!!!!
Me and Lysol are the Best of friends let me tell you!}

Here's to a Great rest of week!!


As I finish up... the Mighty Sun is trying to make a go of it!!Wooo Hoooo!!!
Come on Sunshine.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family, Luv and Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.
I am not a fan of Valentine's Day... don't hate me please.

I mean.. think about it... one day set aside for the HUGE outpouring of luv. Shouldn't that
be a daily occurrence?

The card industry, rose farmers and chocolate manufacturers make a killing on this day.

A huge killing.

Me, I made a promise to myself and all future children  I was to have, and husband ( this was well before I thought of having any)
to be sure to let them know I luved and appreciated them every day of their lives.
And I do.
Me and my Douglas

Indulge me a little please... I have the best little (growing) family!!! No, I mean it.

This is just not lip service. I let them know all the time.
A fab Mr!!! Two fantastic sons, one of them brought a wonderful young woman into our lives and she comes with the cutest
( the CUTEST) 4.5 year old ever!

When we had our second son, we made the decision for me leave my job, and be a stay at home Mommy. The best decision I have ever made as a Mom. No regrets at all.
Oh, at times it was hard ... learning to live on one salary after living on two... tough! But we have managed.

I look at these young men... these young men I had a hand in forming their character and  the persons that they are, and I am in awe!
I am humbled.
I look at my Douglas and myself, flawed human being at it's best .

Then I look at the boys....
Our Young Men!!

These handsome wonderful young men. The best of their father and I. The best of two flawed people combined into one dynamic package, times two.
The real deal... hahahahahaa. Luv my life.

Two self confident, well mannered, brilliant young men.
One has just started his carrier , the other finishing up his first 2 years in college. (Dean's list I might add. He get's so upset when I say that.)

Douglas and I both say we can still smell the baby powder and now one is starting a family of his own.

The men in my life... my forever Valentines!

They know it daily!

Our little family of four had a bit of a wake up call summer of 2012. A little shake that has left us even closer. I never thought that was possible. But it was. We are.

Everything is so much brighter, sweeter, more alive!

Saint Valentine's Day.
I get the sentiment... I really do.

But for me... just another day.

No pink or red hearts in my decor.... a special meal tonight.
But than as I like to say, each meal is special, no?

No card bought ( I confess, I did not contribute to the Hallmark fund) but they know, I luv them. It is a constant thing.. a given. I breathe, thus I luv.
The family plus one 4 legged Master Vic.

They know...  they know exactly how much they mean as they are told all the time.

We really are Blessed!
This little family of four (now growing into six all of a sudden).
 This little family of well luved individuals .

I don't usually talk about my private life , or my family much. I respect their privacy ( after all I was the one who took on blogging as an escape from recuperation), but today, I just wanted to speak luv!!! And share my special family with you all.

My men... the 4 legged one as well.

Master Vic at his best.

The heart is such a funny thing. 
When I had my first, I never know I could luv a little person so much.

We were overwhelmed by the luv we felt. Slammed by it!

Then five years later, we had our second. My heart stretched to accept another, a fourth person was squeezed in, and he fit!

Now  the old heart has been challenged to accept two more. A beautiful young lady and a cute 4.5 year old.
Our eldest and the two new ladies in our lives.

I am sure there is room for more....

Funny old thing our heart, isn't it?

Lets luv... with all that we are. All that we have.

Luv given with no strings, comes back to you in multiples.

Happy Valentine's Day my luvies.

May we live like all 365 days are Valentine's Day!

Warm hugs from a rather damp North Central Florida.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Sharing a beautiful day and a peek at things to come.

This morning got up drug my poor lazy body out of bed. 
My bed was warm  and cozy and heavenly.
But, I made a promise to myself... a half hour walk every morning before the sun gets too harsh.
Original 1920's hardware

So, I have been going.... enjoying the weather as I go.

The Birds keep me company, as do the bright Florida sunshine and spectacular blue skies.
Look at this detail!!

This morning, when I did manage to pick myself up by my hair and get walking togs on, was no exception.
A crisp 35*F awaited me outside the doors of the sun room at 7:35 am.
But I put one foot in-front of the other and  step by step, I was on the street.
One original owner... now mine :-)

I know... winter for many of you include blustery days... snowy days and nights. Bitter cold!!!
But for me, they can include some of the above.
Blustery days , cold, no snow, and at times bitter cold. I think the teens constitute bitter cold no matter where you are.
Etched pattern in the mirror.

Today was not one of those days.
The sun was doing it thing.... 
Only more beautiful than normal. It was winking and twinkling off the frost on the roofs and the lawns. It was like they were covered in a nice dusting of powdered sugar and the sun was kissing it with sparkle.
Now that was worth getting myself up for. 
The markings on the right are where the silvering is tarnished. I luv all the imperfections.

And the birds... how can I not mention them.
They were out in abundance....
 Mourning Doves all huddled up on the wires ....
Blue birds hopping on the frosted lawns and chirping, playing in the trees. 
Mocking birds singing and trying to boss the other birds about as they lay claim to their territory.
Cardinals, flying from tree to tree like quick darts of red and rust...
And the majestic Hawk slowly sailing in the sky before landing on the uppermost branch on the  tallest Oak and surveying it's domain.
Now ... that in itself was worth pulling on my sweatshirt for.
Worth the tip of my nose going numb as I speed walked my half hour. 

More wonderful imperfections in the original mirror.

But the beauty of  Florida winter's day is all that plus more.
It's the fact that we warm up to a sweet 60*F in a matter of 2 hours.
The sun does it's 'sunny' thing and we go from frost on roof tops to beautiful 60's in a few hours.

From heavy socks and jackets to flip flops and a light  sweater.
The beauty of it all. Spectacular.
Crisp new coat of white paint. To distress or not to distress?? That is the question.

This weather is so conducive to projects... 
and painting.
It gets the creative juices flowing.
Since December, we have been bouncing about ( we had a few unfinished things to finish. Had to call a pause in the summer due to some health issues. But, they are behind us now, and we got the all clear to forge on forward. So we are slowly doing so. ) completing the Master suite. Almost ready for a reveal.... 
The dresser in all it's 1920's glory.
The vanity. Sigh... Isn't it beautiful?

It's so great to be able to grasp my paint brush again and let it speak. I have completed one piece that I shared 2 weeks ago.. and I have a few more canvasses in various stages of design and completion. The sheer excitement of it all...
Memories.... for Matt.

Health and wonderful weather!! They are good things.
Not to be taken for granted... but to be savoured and appreciated.
daily, moment by moment.

And Enjoyed!!!

Lets enjoy every moment of today. No matter the weather..
Smile and make every moment a great event.

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